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so, I have the hood looking what about the body?

Yeah - what about that body?  The orange had to go - sure it's classic Simplicity Broadmoor - but orange just isn't my thing.  In these shots, you can see most of the masking that was done - I removed as many parts as I could to get a clean paint job but there were a few places where that wasn't practical.
Most everything has been stripped, prepped and primed by this point.  Oh - Check out the awesome seat....that's going to have to go.
I had posted a poll to pick what color to paint the tractor, and metallic flake gold won in that poll. flake blue was what I had available.  :)  In any case, here the body is completely painted and hard coated and it really does look sharp! Check out that new seat!
I used metallic flake black on the mowing deck and I think that turned out to be a good choice.  In this array, you can see the mower deck mounted and most everything on the body is finished.

The final product.  I really need to take a more flattering picture.

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