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The beginning :)

I did all of the trenching and digging labor by hand.  Yes, I know that I said "never again" after the cistern...but, I did it again.

In the lower-left picture, note the electrical and pump-water return conduits.  I actually buried two sets of each - just in case.  It's always easier to include a backup system from the start as opposed to waiting until - OOPS - it's needed.


Working on the liner - not very sexy!

I laid down a layer of a felt-like material (spun bound polyester, if you'd like to be specifc) and then topped that with a 10mil layer of black polyethylene sheathing.  The felt prevents sharp points (rocks, etc...) from damaging the sheathing-liner.

It's starting to take shape.

Note the hose and valve connected to the frog-fountain.  I can adjust how much water comes out of the frog and it's companion fountain, a fish.  The lines for the two fountains tee off the main pump return line.

The main body of the pond - deep enough that it won't freeze during an Ohio winter.
Action shot - rock placement!
Looking pretty sweet.  Check out the little fish-fountain.  It's great to go to sleep listening to the water splashing from the fountains and the waterfall...nothing beats that sound at the end of a stressful day.  But hey - who has stressful days?!  lol


By the fall of the first year, the plants had grown in nicely.
A new tenant!  Actually as of July '09, we have living in the stream: three adult frogs, two toads, six koi, several tadpoles and two pingi-pingi (though I can never find them). 

That short list is the crew we catch on film...I'm sure there are more.



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