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This is as it was when I moved there.  Sure it had enough room inside, but not the kind of shed where friends tell you "Hey, your shed looks great."  And, as you know, everyone loves to hear their shed praised.  LOL.








Some items of note at this point - check under the soffits - there are some very well-constructed birdhouses.  Also - that lattice is where the roses were growing.  Imagine a 7' high, overgrown, wild-jungle of roses and you are almost to where this was before I cut back the roses.  In fact the pile of debris in the pictures is the last of the rose trimmings.  I'll have to see if I have any other pictures of this.  It was truly wild...and not in the good way.


Below, you can see that after several coats of stain the sides are starting to look a little better.  I kid you not - the wood was so dry that literally you could not see the first two coats of was absorbed into the wood completely.


Clearly the ramp will need some help.  I'll have to get around to that soon :)



At this point: the sides are stained, the trim is stained, the window is installed and the rose trellis looks semi-acceptable.  Great.  I'm about 10% done!  LOL.  Check out the freshly painted birdhouse (grit-blasted and thoroughly cleaned prior to painting!).  I'm happy to report that it is already occupied - the other birdhouses will start to come into view in the next sets of pictures - as I mount them.




So, now that I've started to repair the's time to focus on what every good shed needs.  Power.  Yeah, what good is a shed if it doesn't have electricity?  No power tools, no lights, no beer fridge....come on.  No power? No way!





You could choose to run electric lines overhead...but I'll take a pass on that.  As with the shed at the old house - I dug a trench, laid in pipe and pulled line through to the shed.  Unlike the old house where I just came up through the floor - this time I put in some slick access boxes.  It's a pretty easy way of running electric to your outbuildings and it's fairly inexpensive if you do your own trenching.

And, while trenching and burying the conduit for the electrical service, why not add some other services as well.  I'll cover those shortly ;)  Just you wait.


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