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Trips - Texas '06

Trip to Wichita Falls, Texas.  What can I say....It was hot (like 114 F) and there were donkeys.  Oh yes.  Donkeys.  What more could you want?  Well, aside from world peace and things like that, I mean.  :)


Texas - Summer '06

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Check it out - it's early morning and two asses are coming over to visit :) Here's our first friend! And here is our second buddy.
A really good shot of two fine asses. Little Matt and his new friend. Another shot of Matt and his buddy.
You know Shep appreciates a fine ass. I wonder if Guinness would be your friend? He's turning away from me because of what I had for breakfast.
Dinner, er, I mean cattle - at the Fort Worth Stockyards. This is a mechanical bull at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

We thought, "Hey, this is going to be hilarious later tonight after people have been drinking".

It was.  :)

We had some (really cold) beers at a place where Walker, Texas Ranger was filmed at some point. It turns out that Little-Matt is a big Walker fan. LOL

What do I mean by "really cold"? Well, it was sunny. It was dry. It was summer in Dallas...

Daytime temp: 114 F, but hey, by 11pm it was down to a much more comfortable 98 F. LOL!


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