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My Dogs - Murphy

Murphy is a Beagle/Australian Shepherd mix from right down the road.  His mom's family nicknamed him Big Red because most of his litter looked like beagles...he, and another brother - didn't...and Murphy was no runt.  The day that he came home to meet Guinness he was a timid little pup who was scared to be more than two feet away from me...Today, I'm lucky if he comes when I call him ;)   Actually, in Murphy's defense - he is exceptionally well-behaved and always eager to play!

Murphy is named after Murphy's Irish Red - that's a beer if you are slow.  Murphy's is a fine ale from a fine brewery - a fitting name for a dog of mine; he continues the growing line of Sheppard dogs that are named for fine Irish brews.  I should also point out that (as my neighbor reminds me...) Murphy's eyes match his fur and he is just too cute.  The problem is - he knows that he is too cute; you have to watch out for this one!




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