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Resource Issues


From the time that I was a Boy Scout - probably even before that - I have been exposed to and influenced by those who exhibited a philosophy of natural resource conservation.  Growing up during the energy crisis of the 70's clearly had an impact on all of us that grew up at that time; turning off lights, insulating the hot water heater and keeping the thermostat at an appropriate level are all still second nature.  I'm sure we can all remember being harassed by our parents for not turning off lights. :)  Today though, there are more options available to curb home energy consumption than there were in the 1970's; many of them are easy and inexpensive.

I encourage everyone to:

  • Turn off lights & TV's in rooms that you are not using
  • Insulate your hot water heater and the hot water supply pipes (where they are exposed)
  • Keep the thermostat on an appropriate mark and turn it off when the weather permits
  • Use compact fluorescent lamps (CFL's) and LED light sources where it is appropriate - where might it not be appropriate?
  • Use attic fans and vents appropriately - keeping the attic cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

This is by no means a complete list, but it is an easy list that doesn't require special skills or lots of cash.  If you'd like to learn more (or do more), I'd encourage you to visit the U.S. Dept. of Energy or just search on the keywords: energy conservation home; you'll find a variety of things that pertain to your specific situation.  I know this is nothing new - you've probably heard this all before, and I certainly don't claim that this is new material.  Also, I don't claim that I am the most energy efficient guy on the planet, because I'm not.  I simply make a conscious effort to cut waste where I can.  Remember that taking the step to go from knowing that you should do something to actually doing it is what makes all the difference. ;)

Another topic that matters a great deal to me is water resource management.  Turning on the tap to get a glass of water, taking a shower, even flushing the toilet - most of us take forgranted that clean water is there for us when we need it.  As the editor of the World's Water Blog at, a B2B site focused on the water and wastewater industries; my regular columns explore a variety of topics including water infrastructure needs and global partnerships aimed at water management and conservation.  In doing my research for the articles, I've learned quite a bit and I've found it to be a great opportunity to contribute.  I don't expect that many of you are county planners or contractors representing a civil engineering firm - lol - but on the off chance that you do fall into one of those categories, I'd encourage you to use the site; our goal is to make the process of bidding on public projects as efficient and transparent as possible.



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