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The Dogs

Two Crazy Dogs

My two dogs, Guinness and Murphy, are both pretty happy pups.  Guinness actually looks and acts younger since Murphy has come along; the two of them play and play and play...until eventually you'll find them both passed out - asleep on the floor.  Tag, tug o' war and wrestling are the top three past times  (well, aside from snoozing and eating) for these two buddies.  I'm very proud of my two pups.

Murphy can be jealous of any attention that's shown to Guinness; basically if anyone is petting Guinness, Murphy will "butt in" and hog the attention.  Guinness graciously permits this behavior knowing full well that he'll get some extra treats out of the deal.  Interestingly enough, Murphy tries to edge in on Guinness when he's getting medicine, as well.  What goes through Murphy's little mind that makes him interested in the prospect of me shoving my hand down his throat to administer some nasty-tasting allergy medicine is beyond me.  But hey, whatever floats your boat. :)

Click on the picture to the right to see a few galleries of the pups in action. :)




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