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Welcome to my site.  For those of you who know me, I'm Shep; for those of you that don't know me - I'm still Shep - but you can call me Mike.  :)  Why anisotropic, you ask?  Well, isotropy is a condition where behaviors (usually mechanical properties) are the same in all directions - think steel.  Anisotropy defines materials that behave differently, in different directions - much like me.  I'm not a conservative nor am I a liberal.  I'm me.  I have views that cut across the labels - and I find that most other people do, too.  Don't let a single label define who you are or what you believe.  Be yourself and be an example to others. :)

Oh - and make sure that you have a little fun along the way. ;)


31.July.2014 - updates in a long time.  I'm either a slacker or really busy.  I vote for really busy.


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